Clean Master (Cleaner)

Clean Master (Cleaner) is an android application. that will keep your Android (Smart) devices always Cleanup and processing well.  It is a very good application that have optimizing features you can delete cache memory from your smart device and fully clean the smart devices history.  When you run this application, it will clean your smart device. After cleaned your smart device performance (processing speed) is also increased.

Clean Master scans all android device for junk files. If any funk file detected than show the clean option. You can clean the junk files from your smart device. It is also detected the duplicate picture, large size file etc.  at your smart phone.

Among the extraordinary aspects you can discover on Clean Master (Cleaner) are the assignment killer, which lets you remove any pointless procedure that runs in the heritage and makes the system slower, and the residual file cleaner, which cleans all the final archives after you uninstall an application.

Other fascinating facets let you easy the looking and calling records and manipulate the packages that are hooked up on your device, like the ‘uninstall and exchange programs’ menu on Windows.

Clean Master (Cleaner) is a extraordinarily beneficial utility for retaining your system usually smooth and optimized. It now not solely helps your free up house on your reminiscence however also have a quicker and higher device.

Technical Information:

  1. License: Free
  2. Language: English
  3. Category: Security and performance
  4. version: Latest 7.4.6
  5. Size:  35.2 MB
  6. Access: Any time and any where if you have internet

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