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xZon Patcher
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App InfoxZon Patcher
  Current Version  v.5
  File Size  4.9 MB
  Updated On  March 30, 2021
  Requires android  5.0 and up
  File Name  EZ-Stars-v8.5.apk

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xZon Patcher apk v.5

Try xZon Patcher apk v.5 if you’re looking for a new and informative mod app for Mobile Legends. It includes not only ML hero skins, but also backgrounds, maps, preparations, and other expensive items. Overall, it has all of the required fundamental properties to satisfy the requirements.

Above all, the most recent update of this application is available for free download. So, to install the app, simply click the source. In addition, many features of the xZon Patcher application and the Zonic TV Injector are shared. Further, the latter is already operational, as we mentioned in the previous article. So, using both of these modules one after the other if you need as many free ML objects as possible, they will vastly improve your gaming abilities.

Furthermore, the vast majority of players do not believe that game editing is immoral. They do so in order to get the most enjoyment out of the game.

xZon Patcher apk

Hacks and Features of xZon Patcher


A significant number of cheats are included in the xZon Patcher APK. You may select an item from the various fancy choices mentioned in the sections below, for example.

  • Screen Loading.
  • Background(Lobby, Profile).
  • Splash Intro.
  • Splash to start things off.
  • Customization of analog.


  • Observation.
  • Emotion.
  • spawning.
  • Remember.
  • abolition.


Your biggest desire would be to take on each of the ML costumes one by one. As a result, the app is fun for any guy who enjoys playing the Assassin, Tank, MM, Mage, Support, or Fighter classes. Indeed, there are a large variety of skins to choose from.


So, In MLBB’s free version, users do not have enough choices. They, on the other hand, make use of unique key pieces and work tirelessly to unlock the next collection of functions. They are not, though, as successful as they had hoped. In this scenario, use the hacks below to play as a self-sufficient person.

  • Aerial View.
  • Celestial Residence.
  • Chess with Magic
  • Imperial Resting Place..
  • The Western Palace.

Other Features

So far, these are the xZon Patcher Injector’s most noticeable hacks. Several others are included in the plan, including:

  • Mysterious.
  • This is the top level.
  • There is no such thing as a hero sign.
  • Among Us – You’re already an impostor if you open any of your hides, hats, and pets.
  • All is bug-free on the pink map.

How to download & use xZon Patcher?

  • By clicking on the given download link from our blog, you can get this lovely app.
  • It can also be built in a few quick steps, much as most third-party apps.
  • However, you must give this app permission to access Unknown Sources and Storage.
  • As a result, you’ll have access to some beautiful MLBB-changing shortcuts.
  • To add a function, simply press it. As a consequence, the method is straightforward.

Password of xZon Patcher apk

You can use below mentioned password on use this app.

Password: execute


You should be aware of both the primary and secondary features of the xZon Patcher app after a brief discussion. As a result, we have cast our vote in its favour. This is due to the fact that it has a lot of functionality and a simple user interface. Furthermore, the app should not impose any pressure on the device it is installed on. So, how do you feel about it? Friendly advice: try it out once and you won’t be disappointed, as a consequence, you would have no doubts about loving it.